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Osee is the leading manufacturer of professional broadcast equipment.

Their series of hi-tech equipment are specially designed to accommodate word-class TV broadcasting system.
OSEE LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor

Checkout our range of RackMount, Standalone and Portable LCD Monitors available in multiple screen sizes from Osee.

OSEE Multi-Image Display System

Multi-Image Display System

Checkout our range of 1RU Chassis, 3RU Chassis and High performance MVM 23” professional LCD monitor from Osee.

OSEE 6800 Modular Products

6800 Modular Products

Checkout Distribution monitors, embedders, de-embedders, video conversion products, switchers and signal generators.

OSEE Audio Monitoring

Audio Monitoring

Checkout SDI embedded audio processor, automatic level controller and AMS-160 audio monitoring products from Osee.

OSEE Delay Line

Delay Line

Checkout Solid state delay line products, delay line SD composite version, delay line composite version and SD version products.

OSEE Logo Generator

Logo Generator

Checkout LDC65HD Logo Generator and keyer, SD logo generator products like Dserial Component Downstream Keyer from Osee.

OSEE Switcher


Checkout SW120D-2X1, the digital video/audio emergency switch with relay bypass function that can be used in the playout.

OSEE Chroma Keyer

Chroma Keyer

Checkout Component Analog Chroma Keyer and 1RU rackmount CK3000D Digital Chroma Keyer from Osee.


IRS Intelligent Router

The IRS intelligent Router offers high performance at low cost, is developed for small and medium-sized broadcast system featuring high signal transmission quality and silent heat dissipation design.