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The STM6880N can monitor the image content and embedded audio, as well as the color bar, color field, multi-wave signal, test used slope signal of video signal, It offers the frame counting and segment counting to signals hereinabove, meanwhile, it can record time point of the last frame in the last segment. It supports the TC code as the time benchmark and can locate the abnormal image precisely. It can monitor the EDH of SDI and count the mistake, meanwhile offers monitoring to freeze frame and black burst of image.

It supports embedded audio group and audio channels monitoring, offers 4 channnels audio meter display, and supports Tally editing.

The module supports 1 channel SD-SDI input, one reclocked SDI output and one analog video output. Overlaping menu display, time code and abnormal information display, color bar, color field, last frame time point display, other unknown testing signal,Tally display and 4 channel aduio meter to the analog video input.

  • Color bar signal monitoring, total amount of segements and frame recording, the last frame time point recording.
  • Monitoring the unknown testing signal, including multi-wave group signal, testing used slop signal etc., recording the total amount of presented segments and frames, as well as the presented timepoint of last frame
  • Supporting the embedded audio and audio meter
  • Supporting TC code as time benchmark, locating the abnormal image precisely.
  • Supporting the EDH monitoring, and EDH mistakes counting.
  • Freeze frame and black field monitoring
  • Offering OSDmenu and SNMP Internet protocol and SNMP internet control function, easy for user to set locally or remotely
  • SDI Input
  • Standard SMPTE 259M;270 Mbps,525/625 component
  • Impedance 75 ohm
  • Return loss >18d B to 360MHz
  • connector BNC (IEC169-8)
  • Equalization Auto equalizing to 30dB@270 Mbps
  • SDI Output
  • Standard SMPTE 259M-C;270 Mbps,525/625 component
  • Connector BNC (IEC169-8)
  • Impedance 75 ohm
  • Return loss >18dB to 270MHz
  • Signal amplitude 800 mV ± 10%
  • DC offset 0 V ± 0.5 V
  • Rise and fall time 400 to 1500ps(20% to 80% of amplitude)
  • overshoot <10% of amplitude
  • Jitter <0.2 UI(740ps)peak to peak value,Typical value<500ps
  • Analog composite video output
  • Standard NTSC, PAL?PAL-M
  • Amplitude 1Vp-p +/-3dB
  • Impedance 75 ohms
  • Return loss >40 dB to 5 MHz
  • DC offset 0V±0.05 V
  • Frequency response ±0.2 dB to 5 MHz
  • Differential gain <1%
  • Differential phase <1.5°
  • Group delay +/-10ns to 5 MHZ

STM6880N Video signal monitoring module