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Opvision OPV 9000 Series

Opvision OPV 9000 Series

OPV9000Series-Module Type

OPV9000 Card-Cage series and Module Function

OPV9000 series stainless card-cage system is designed with separate interface board and functional module employing the most advanced technology in the world. OPV9000 is a platform that makes the function, interface and network management systems as individual modules, while they can all be integrated into one single system. This characteristics makes OPV9000 platform very powerful and enables users to maximize the functional integration. Video and audio transmission is combined with data processing and signal distribution, satisfying users especially who request for telecom application under the ultra high date rate of 3Gbps.

OPV9000 series supports hot swaps for video, audio, power and fiber optical transmission modules, which is easy and reliable for installation in broadcast and telecommunication application.

OPV9000/OPV9100 stainless card-cage has neat texture and looks dignified and graceful. These products can adapt to different kinds of environment. Dual power supply is available with input voltage at AC90-264V, input current Max1.0A 50-60Hz, output voltage +12V, output current 4A, power consumption 50W and working temperature 0 ~ + 50ºC.

OPV9000 is designed in 4RU height with retainer in front of the main board to enhance the reliability and flexibility. OPV9000 can hold up to 12 card modules. OPV9100 is designed in 1RU height with retainer in front of main board to enhance the reliability and flexibility. OPV9000 can hold up to 4 card modules.

There is a over-head front panel that can be removed when it flips down to 135¡ã. Users can monitor working status of functional modules and power module through the transparent glass window on the front panel. Heat elimination is well managed: whenever the internal temperature goes up to 45ºC, the heat eliminating fan is initiated and keeps running until the temperature drops down to 40ºC. This automatic mode of fan management can ensure internal temperature less than 45ºC and thus can save energy as ell as elongating the fan life span. The design of OPV9000/9100 card-cage accords with standard IEC 60297-3-101. It is 19¡¡À rack mountable. A Network Management System module can be installed in the first slot to manage all the modules cascaded.

OPV "E" products are the world unique design to integrate fiber optic transmission system with LCD monitor and audio bar function. "E"series stainless standalone case is designed with flexible connectors at the back. It is especially applicable for professional users in broadcast industry. Customization is also available upon request.

  • OPV10003G-4U 1/2 3G-SDI/HD- SDI/SDI
  • OPV1002HD-4U 1/2 HD- SDI/SDI 
  • OPV1004HD-4U-CWDM 4 HD- SDI /SDI
  • OPV1000-4U-TDM  4/ 8/16 SDI+2Audio+Data
  • OPV1000-4U-TDM-A  1/2/4/8/16 ASI
  • OPV1000-4U  HD/SDI/ASI+2AUDIO+2AES/EBU Embed/De-Embed
  • OPV1000-4U HD/SDI (CVBS) +2/4AUDIO (AES/EBU£©
  • OPV1000-4U Video/Audio Embed/De-Embed
  • OPV1000-4U-3G 3G/HD/SD-SDI Signal  Generator
  • OPV1100AD/DA  CVBS  to SDI & SDI to CVBS Converter
  • OPV1400-4U-AES   4/8/16 Channel AES/EBU
  • OPV6000-4U-16X16-HD  16X16 HS-SDI Router
  • OPV6000-4U-1X16-HD  1X16 HS-SDI/SDI  Distributor
  • OPV6000-4U-1X8-HD  1X8 HD-SDI/SDI  Distributor
  • Multi-Image Display & Monitoring system