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Opvision OPV 5000

Opvision OPV 5000

OPV5000 SERIES (Analog Video/Audio)

RGB Synchronous Video/Audio/Data Transmission System

OPV5000 series of fiber optic transmission products are specially designed to resolve problems encountered in engineering practice. OPV5000T/R support one analog RGBHV input plus two analog audio and one RS232 data input and one group of fiber optical signal output.

Three video resolutions are supported including 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 and 1600 x 1200 at 60 Hz. It can carry out long distance transmission for VGA analog signal.

The transmission distance is up to 500 m (multimode) or 10 Km (single-mode). OPV5000 series are your ideal and economic choice for high quality fiber optic transmission of RGB/VGA signal.

  • Video conferencing
  • Security monitoring and cable TV system
  • Intelligent transportation system
  • Urban security system
  • Intelligent construction system
  • Audiovisual education center
  • Max resolution: 1600×1200 (60 Hz)
  • Supported resolution: XGA, SXGA, UXGA
  • RGB signal input range: 0.5-1.5 V
  • RGB bandwidth: 500 MHz
  • Transmitting power: -9.5~-3 dB
  • Fiber optical input/output connector: LC/PC
  • Audio sampling frequency: 48 KHz
  • Audio input/output: unbalanced
  • Data type: RS232
  • Data rate: DC~100 Kbps
  • Input interface supports Plug and Play
  • Standalone and card-cage version
Parameter Typical value Unit Remark
Channel capacity 1 Channel  
Signal format R, G, B video signal    
Resolution XGA, SXGA, UXGA SXGA(1280X1024)OPV5000B    
Signal voltage 1 Vp-p@75ohm    
Grey scale linear distortion <1 %  
Maximum horizontal frequency 150 KHz  
Maximum resolution 1600×1200    
Maximum refresh frequency 120 Hz  
Bandwidth 160 MHz  
SNR >70 dB  
Channel capacity 2 Channel Un-balanced analog audio
Sampling frequency 48 KHz  
Sampling accuracy 24 Bit  
Input impedance 600 Ohm Optional 10K Ohm
Output impedance 600 Ohm  
Standard voltage ±2.5 V  
Insertion gain 0 dBm ±1dB
Frequency response 0.02~20 KHz 1dB
Harmonic distortion <1 %  
SNR >80 dB  
Channel capacity 1 Channel Unidirectional
Data format  RS-232    
Bit rate 0-128K bps  
Bit Error rate 10-8    
Standalone +5DC/2.4A    
Card cage 95-240VAC@0.6A    
Wavelength 1310/1550 nm  
Transmission distance 500 m (MM), 10 Km (SM)    
Spectrum bandwidth 3 nm  
Bit rate 2.5 Gbps