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Opvision OPV 2500

Opvision OPV 2500

OPV2500/2600 SERIES (Analog Video/Audio)

High Broadcast Quality Video/Audio Fiber Optic Transmission System

OPV2500/2600 series supply first-class broadcasting transmission system with high quality and standard. OPV2500 products provide one transmission channel that can carry one analog video and four audio (2 pairs of stereos) over one multimode or single mode fiber. OPV2600 products can be expanded to two channels (unidirectional or bidirectional).

Unidirectional OPV2600 transmits up to two analog video and eight audio (4 pairs of stereos), and bidirectional OPV2600 transmits one analog video and four audio (2 pairs of stereos) over one multimode or single-mode fiber.

By using digital technology, the transmission distance of the whole system is up to 60 Km.OPV2500/2600 series are your ideal and economic choice for first-class broadcast quality fiber optic transmission.

  • Broadcasting and TV program transmission
  • Long-distance multimedia learning
  • Video conferencing
  • Security monitoring and cable TV system
  • Relay between studios and transmission center (STL)
  • TV programming
  • Exceed the specification of short-haul video transmission required by EIA RS-250C standard
  • Video/Audio/Data digital coding technology
  • 10/12 bit digital sampling accuracy
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional
  • Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technique in bidirectional transmission
  • Standalone and card-cage version
Parameter Typical value Unit Remark
Channel capacity 1 (OPV2500)
2 (OPV2600)
Channel OPV2500 1V4A (unidirectional);
OPV2600 1V4A (bidirectional)/2V8A (unidirectional)
Sampling frequency 50 MHz  
Sampling accuracy 12 Bit  
Video input/output impedance 75 Ohm  
Return loss 30 dB 0.1MHz to 5.5MHz
Input/output signal voltage 1 Vp-p  
Input overloading voltage 1.5 Vp-p  
Input gain 1 À10%  
Bandwidth 10 MHz 3dB
C/L bunch interference 0.4 % N/A (S-Video)
Luminance nonlinearity 5 %  
C/L gain difference 3 %  
C/L delay 10 Nanosecond  
Diff. Gain 1 %  
Diff. phase 1 ã  
SNR >70 dB Weighted
Channel capacity 8/16/32 (OPV3100, Uni-)
4/8/16 (OPV3200, Bi-)
Channel 1) Balanced analog audio;
2) OPV2500 1V4A (unidirectional);
OPV2600 1V4A (bidirectional)/2V8A (unidirectional)
Sampling frequency 64 KHz  
Sampling accuracy 24 Bit  
Input impedance 600 Ohm Optional 10K Ohm
Output impedance 600 Ohm  
Standard voltage ¡À2.5 V  
Clamping voltage +12 dBm  
Insertion gain 0 dBm ¡À1dB
Frequency response 0.02¡«20 KHz 1dB
Harmonic distortion 0.1 %  
SNR >80 dB Weighted
Output/input wavelength 1310/1550 nm FC/PC connector
Transmitting power -5~-15 dBm 9/125 µm optic fiber
Spectrum bandwidth 3 nm  
Receiving power (Minimum) -25 dBm  
Receiving power (Max) -10 dBm  
Bit rate (positive) 540 Mbps CRR to CRT
Bit rate (reverse) 50 Mbps CRR to CRT
Input voltage range 88-264 VAC
Power 10 W  
Video BNC    
Audio 3-pin T.B. or XLR   T.B.: Terminal block
Optic fiber FC/ST    
Operating temperature -20¡«+70 ¡æ  
Storing temperature -30¡«+80 ¡æ  
Humidity 0¡«90 %  
Induction EN50130-5 1995  
Damp heat BS2011 P2.1    
Radiation EN50081-1, EN55022-B, CE, FCC
Magnetic susceptibility EN50130-4, EN50082-1
OPV2500T-13 1 channel point-to-point digital video transmitter, 1310nm
OPV2500T-15 1 channel point-to-point long-distance digital video transmitter, 1550nm
OPV2500R-13/15 1 channel point-to-point digital video receiver, 1310 or 1550nm