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Opvision OPV OPV1400 Series 4/8/16

Opvision OPV OPV1400 Series 4/8/16

OPV1400 Series 4/8/16 Channel AES/EBU Digital Audio

Broadcast-quality Fiber Optic Transmission System

OPV1400 series digital fiber optic transmission device provides high-quality PCB design. Professional XLR and T.B. interfaces assure the performance of AES/EBU after long-distance transmission. Various types of OPV1400 products are offered to meet different user demands. Adopting advanced digital fiber optic transmission technologies, OPV1400 devices can be installed rapidly without user adjustment.

User can easily monitor the status of power supply, connection and channel operation through the indicator lights. Three versions of OPV1400 products are available: standalone, card-cage and 1U case.

  • Broadcasting and TV program
  • Digital TV broadcasting system
  • Camera signal transmission
  • Military communication
  • Video conference
  • CATV System
  • Relay between studios and transmission center (STL)
  • TV programming
AES/EBU Format AES3-1992
Channel Capacity 4/8/16
Data Accuracy 24bit
Data Rate 6.144Mbps
Optical Wavelength 1310nm or 1550nm
Fiber Mode Single mode
Fiber Quantity 1
Optical Interface LC/PC
Transmission Distance 30/50/80Km (Optional)
Interface BNC
Case Standalone or  Module type
  • OPV1404-4U-4AES/EBU 4AES/EBU30/50/80KM
  • OPV1408-4U-8AES/EBU 8AES/EBU 30/50/80KM
  • OPV1416-4U-AES/EBU 16AES/EBU30/50/80KM