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OPVISION E Series - Highly Integrated Platform (Analog Video/Audio)

Word NO.1 LCD monitor Audio Bar Fiber Optical Transmission

OPVISION E series products have the world unique design to integrate fiber optic transmission system with LCD monitor. ¡¡ã E¡¡À series can not only support fiber optic transmission for HD-SDI, SDI, AES/EBU, analog video and audio signals, but also has the new function of LCD monitoring, signal control and network management.

Users can monitor the video and audio signal status before and after transmission via the small monitor and audio bar on front panel of the transmitter and receiver. Network management function can be started to monitor the signal status, manage, switch and control all channels.

OPVISION E series products are the professional transmission system that are useful for the application of TV station, military system, TV network, broadcast and video conference. The innovative technology makes the transmission signals visible and greatly enhances broadcast safety, thus largely decreasing broadcast cost. This technology will play more and more important role in broadcast industry.

The World Unique Design of Integrating LCD Monitor with Fiber Optic Transmission System OPV"E" Series LCD Display + Fiber Optical Transmitter and Receiver

OPV E Series-Analog Video and Audio

  • OPV2300E/2400E 1Video+2Audio 30/60Km (Uni-/Bi-directional)
  • OPV2500E/2600E 1Video+4Audio 30/60Km (Uni-/Bi-directional)
  • OPV3104E 4Video+8Audio 30/60Km
  • OPV3108E 8Video+16Audio 30/60Km
  • OPV2000ME 4/8/16 Audio 30/60Km

OPV E Series-Digital Video and Audio

  • OPV1000E Embedded 2Audio/AES+SDI 30/60Km
  • OPV1000E De-Embedded 2Audio/AES+SDI 30/60Km
  • OPV1000E 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI 30/60Km
  • OPV1200E HD-SDI/SDI+4AES/EBU 30/60Km
  • OPV1300E HD-SDI/SDI+4Audio 30/60Km
  • OPV1400E 4/8/16 AES/EBU 30/60Km