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Opvision NANA-17001-SD-MI LCD Rack

Opvision NANA-17001-SD-MI LCD Rack

NANA-17001-SD-MI LCD Rack

NANA-17001-SD-MI LCD Rack Multi-interface Digital Video LCD Monitor
2 SDI/CVBS/YPbPr/VGA/2 Audio

NANA-17001-SD-MI LCD Rack is specially designed for TV engineering and video monitoring. It employs 17.0”industrial LCD panel designed with broad temperature toleration (store at range of -20℃-60℃). The use of latest industrial technology of TFT-LCD, receiving 8 bit data format (16.2M colors), makes the video display clearer and smoother. CCFL backlight compensation is employed in the system so that the maximum brightness can be reached.

NANA-17001-SD-MI supports input signals including SD-SDI (2 channel), CVBS (1 channel), YPbPr (1 channel), VGA (1 channel) and analog audio (2 channel). The real-time loop out function of SD-SDI/CVBS/YPbPr video signal makes it even more convenient to connect to other devices. Up to two channels of analog audio (left and right channels) can be input. The built-in speaker and earphone output design allows users for dual audio monitoring. The volume can be adjusted via OSD Menu and the dynamic audio level can be monitored by audio bars shown on both sides of the LCD screen. In addition, TALLY indicator light is provided for easy remote operation.

The pure metal chassis with radiation shielding matt spray enhances the visual and tactile effects of the professional device. For the consideration of easy operation and structural perfection, seven functional keys are designed on the front panel. The first four of them are used to control OSD (On-Screen-Display) for adjusting different parameters, such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, color temperature, language and audio level. The fifth key is preserved for switch function when two input SD-SDI channels are required for LCD display (not applicable to 1 channel SDI input). The sixth one is to switch and select the video format to display among the multiple input video sources. The last one is used as power switch which can control the screen On and Off. When the screen is off, it will save 80% power consumption. These seven round, compact buttons allow for convenient operation and adjustment. In order for better heat elimination, bulk stomatals are installed on the both side plates. The chassis handle can be easily adjusted to different pitching angles for perfect view in various directions.

NANA-17001-SD-MI LCD Rack is an advanced type of LCD monitors with high quality and reliability. The multiple functionalities, delicate and compact design make it ideal choice for video monitoring.

  • TV station and studio
  • Video Conferencing
  • Security Monitoring System
  • Transportation Monitoring System
  • Big Screen Video Wall
  • Safety City Surveillance
  • Audiovisual Education Center
  • Support 2 channel SD-SDI video input and 1 channel SD-SDI video loop out (with cable equalization and clock recovery function) ; 1 CVBS input and 1 CVBS loop out; 1 YPbPr input and 1 YPbPr loop out; 1 VGA input; 2 analog audio input (LED audio level display on the screen) and output from earphone and loudspeaker.
  • 15.0? LCD screen with resolution 1280 ×1024.
  • Auto recognition: NTSC or PAL auto adaptive (SD-SDI and CVBS);format auto adaptive (YPbPr and VGA signal).
  • LCD Panel: View angle: 85º/85º/ 80º/60º (R/L/U/D); Contrast: 1000:1; Brightness: 250 cd/m2 ; MTTF: 50,000 hours
  • LCD panel can receive 8 bit data format (16.2M colors)
  • Status Indication: blue screen when unsupportive signal or no signal is input.
  • Seven Functional Keys:  “MENU”/“+ ”/ “- ”/ “ENTER ”/ “A/B ”/ “Source ”/ “POWER”
  • OSD Menu including: Contrast, Brightness, Color, Sharpness, Language, OSD Setup and Reset.
  • To adjust OSD by Keys such as “MENU ”/ “+”/ “-”/ “ENTER”/ “POWER”, and reset key like “+ ”.
  • ENTER Key: hotkey of white balance auto adjustment (When the color of LCD display is inconsistent, to press this hot key can adjust the color to be consistent).
  • Power Key: to control the screen On/Off. It will save 80% power consumption when the screen is off.
  • Color Temperature: 5800K, 6500K, 9300K and adjustable range. Users can adjust it accordingly.
  • The screen will not be on unless it is turned on by pressing the power key after connection.
  • LOUDSPEAKER Switch: to control the loudspeaker ON or OFF.
  • One channel TALLY indicators: there are Yellow, Red and Green indicators on each channel.
  • The supported video format is list in Table 1.
  • The functions of the seven keys are shown in Table 2.
  • OSD Menu is shown in Table 3. The default display time of OSD is 10 s.

Table 1 (Input Video Format)

Input Video Signal Supported Format
CVBS 480P, 480I, 576P, 576I
SD-SDI 480P, 480I, 576P, 576I
YPbPr/RGB 480I, 576I, 480P, 576P, 720P_50Hz, 720P_60Hz
1080I_50Hz, 1080I_60Hz, 1080P_50Hz, 1080P_60Hz
VGA* Resolution Refresh Frequency (Hz)
640X480 (VGA) 50, 60, 72, 75, 85
800X600 (SVGA) 50, 56, 60, 72, 75, 85
1024X768 (XGA) 50, 60, 70, 75, 85
1152X864 60, 75, 85
1280X720 60, 75
1280X768 (WXGA) 60, 75
1280X960 60, 75, 85
1280X1024 (SXGA) 50, 60, 75, 85
1600X1200 (UXGA) 60, 75, 85

For VGA, the best display can be reached when the signal resolution is less than the designated LCD panel resolution

Table 2 (Seven Functional Keys)

Functional Key Function Functional Key Function
“MENU” Enter OSD “+/RST” Up Key
Return to the upper level menu   Increase
    Hotkey to reset the parameter of monitor
“-/VOL” Down key “ENTER” Confirmation Key
Decrease   Auto White balance on YPbPr or VGA display interface
the hotkey to control earphone volume    
“A/B” Switch Key between 2 SDI channels “SOURCE” Switch Key among input video sources
“POWER” LCD ON/OFF   Earphone Output

Table 3 (OSD Menu Content)

OSD Level 1 Menu OSD Level 2 Menu OSD Level 3 Menu OSD Level 4 Menu
Image adjust Brightness Stroll bar adjust  
Contrast Stroll bar adjust  
Sharpness 1 to 5 levels  
Color temperature 9300K “ENTER”  
User define Red Stroll bar adjust
Green Stroll bar adjust
Blue Stroll bar adjust
OSD attribute Language Chinese  
OSD holding time Stroll bar adjust  
(unit: s)  
Audio Volume adjust Stroll bar adjust  
Mute ON/OFF  
Audio bar display ON/OFF  
Others Reset ON/OFF  
LCD information LCD Information  

LCD Screen Features

Screen size 17.0?
Screen Number 1
Aspect Ratio 5:4
Resolution 1280 × 3 (RGB) × 1024
View Angle Horizontal:170° Left: 85°; Right: 85°
Vertical: 140° Up: 80°; Down: 60°
Contrast 1000:1
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Response Time 5ms
Display Color 16.2 M
Store Temperature -20?-60?
Working Temperature 0?-60?
Power Supply 12VDC/4A with AC power adapter applicable to 100~240VAC
Display Area Size 337.9 mm (W) × 270.3 mm (H)
Backlight Compensation CCFL

General Features

Input Video Signal Format CVBS / SDI / YPbPr (BNC)
VGA (DB15)
Output Video Signal Format CVBS / SDI / YPbPr (BNC)
Input Video Channel Number 2 SDI (with cable equalization and clock recovery function)/1 CVBS/1 YPbPr/1 VGA,
Output Video Channel Number 1 SDI (with cable equalization and clock recovery function)/1 CVBS/1 YPbPr
Input Audio Signal 2 Analog Audio (left and right)
Audio Monitoring Type Earphone, loudspeaker and audio level bar
OSD Menu Contrast, Brightness, Color Temperature, Sharpness, Language, OSD Setup and Volume Control over earphone, audio level bar control, RESET and White Balance
Power Consumption =25W

Environmental Features

Working Temperature 0ºC ~ 50ºC
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Store Temperature -20ºC ~ 60ºC
SD-SDI/CVBS/YPbPr Input/Output Connector BNC
VGA/TALLY Connector DB15
Dimension 434.2mm (W) × 354mm (H, 8U) × 60mm (D)
Weight 7Kg