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Guramex GVM 2425

Guramex GVM 2425

24 inputs, 2.5 M/E

  • 24 inputs (PAL/YUV or SDI)    or up to 24 HD/SD-SDI inputs
  • Additional 12 Auxiliary outputs
  • 4 channel Multiscreen function
  • Super Wipe function

GVM 2425 is powerful, intelligently completed, 2,5 ME production switcher with up to 24 inputs and 14 outputs. Extra 4 Inputs are primarily for External Key and Extra 4 Outputs are able to process the ME signal. With this much production capability, switcher is indented for use in big live broadcasting studios.

This production switcher is very easy to use .Carefully designed Menu interface and lots of buttons of fast access solve any important functional task in few clicks.

GVM2425 can be integrated in systems operating various formats of analogue, digital input and output signals at the time. Frame synchronization at each input provides smooth operation.

A modular structure allows creation of essential configuration, setting up the equipment according to working priorities of an operator or a stage director. Gradual build-up of the switcher is available on the base of capacity of production.

Input modules of GVM 2425 are unique, as soon as they have also outputs – both analogue and digital. Existence of output signals from each input module can be useful for use of internal matrix commutator, for monitoring and etc. In number of cases it allows to exclude necessity of converters and distributing -amplifiers . These output signals can be synchronized as from external input signal as well from integrated black burst generator of production switcher.

Along the standard functions GVM2425 provides to its user a function of Multiscreen, independent generator of animated logotypes and 2x channel video storage, also, it has a separate channel of “SUPERWIPE” function, which provides performance of difficult transitions combined with graphics. Audio track recording is available as for video fragments as well for graphic transitions.

One of the main priorities during designing of the video switchers “GURAMEX”, was and still is - insuring of high reliability and durability. Elements base, used for GVM 2425 is only from the best producers that supply aerospace and defense industries.

Therefore GVM2425 has 5 years warranty.


GVM 2425 can provide maximum 28 inputs and 18 outputs. Number of inputs and outputs depends on configuration, selected by a user. Also a user can select which kind of inputs - PAL/YC/YUV or SD/SDI - he would prefer in the configuration. Simultaneous use of digital and analogue inputs and outputs is available as well.

  • Up to 7 signals of main PGM output
  • Up to 5 signals of main PVW output
  • PGM and PVW outputs for ME1 and ME2

GVM2425H is featured with up to 24 HD/SD-SDI inputs with auto detection. Modular architecture allows changing configuration according user priorities - one can choose 12/16/20/24 input assembling for GVM2425H. Dedicated Quad Splits output is represented on each input module. Along with that, GVM2425H has up 8/16 free assignable HD/SD-SDI outputs for PGM, PVW and Auxiliary outputs.

12 Auxiliary outputs

If you need even more outputs an additional AUX output modules can be installed with support up to 12 auxiliary outputs. Each AUX can be assigned for preview outputs of M/E channels, preview outputs of DSK stage, preview output of LOGO generator and «CLEAN FEED» outputs of M/E1 and M/E2 channels.

Frame Synchronizers

Production switcher is equipped with frame synchronizers at all inputs that allows mixing of any non-synchronous signals smoothly without interruptions, without use of additional external synchronization.

Internal / External synchronization mode

Production switcher can operate in both external/internal synchronization mode. In external synchronization mode the generator is carried out from the input reference signal.


GVM2425 provides wide range of keying:

  • 6 independent channels keying (Chroma Key, Luma Key, Preset Pattern)
  • 4 MSK channels
  • 2 DSK channels

Also you get a capability of additional adjustment of the keying channel:

  • matching the background to the current fill source of the keying channel
  • defining the rectangular mask for keying signal
  • using spot and mosaic effects

External Key inputs:

4 separate inputs for External Key keep video inputs free and thus increase potential volume of production.

Flexibly assignable Clean Feed output:

Clean Feed signal can be assigned to any output of production switcher.

Multiscreen function:

4 channels of Multiscreen function – this is additional source of signal without use of DVE and keying channels.

GVM2425 allows simultaneous overlay on output signal up to 4 scaled windows. Combined image from desired number of windows and background with preliminary installation from menu of options (location, size, border colors and keying).
Guramex GVM 2425 Stage

A separate section of “Multiscreen” is foreseen in order to provide ease use. Up to 8 positions of “Multiscreen” can be stored and set on keys of the given section. Additionally transformation between positions are made with one push on key, smoothly with specified duration.

Animated logotype Generator

Integrated generator of animated logotypes allows recording and displaying of any logotype without using DSK channel.

Internal Video Clip Storage

An internal dual channel independent storage for clips and slides. Up to 50 clips and slides with total duration of 20 minutes can be stored up to each channel, and can be used as TV caption or background.

Super Wipe

Along with standard cut, mix and wipe transitions you can enjoy with your own designed transitions combined with graphic and audio.

Guramex GVM 2425 SuperS

Great opportunity to use customized, great looking TV band with the use of SuperWipe function! Create your own creative graphic transitions with audio and store it in to the switchers internal SuperWipe channel.

Guramex GVM 2425 Super Wipe

Up to 50 graphic transitions can be loaded, total duration of which should not exceed 20 min.

Inputs Redirection

Set the input signal you need on the input button you desire without physical rearrangement of cables. If you will need to redirect outputs, you will be able to do it right on the console.

Source mnemonics

In order to let you to maximally focus on your work, weve implemented Source Mnemonic Panel in GVM 2425, which will always show you which signal is coming on each output.

Time Line Function

allows to create sequence of states and transitions, which can be played in automatic or step-by-step mode.

Event Memory

Created to allow each user to save his frequently used switcher configuration, Event Memory memorizes up to 99 states, of which 10 can be assigned to hot recall buttons in “One Touch Section”.

Guramex GVM 2425 Soft

Software Control

Assistant Software Control allows you to control Main Unit and perform any necessary action directly from your PC.

You've got one more ace up your sleeve - GVM2425 Multi Platform! Turn your Android Tab or Smartphone into a Live Production Control Panel. Broadster Multi Platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your work from many popular devices.

Redundant Power Supplay

Production switcher is provided with redundant power supplies hot-swappable/hot-pluggable for both control panel and main unit. Power supply status is displayed on the control panel display.

Management interfaces

GVM1200 supports the following interfaces:

  • GPI ports supporting 4 inputs and 4 outputs
  • 4 RS-422 ports for connecting external devices
  • 24 Tally outputs
Power requirement Main Unit
  • 110V to 240V AC 47/63Hz
Control Panel
  • 110V to 240V AC     47/63Hz
Power consumption Main Unit
  • max.  100W
Control Panel
  • max.  130W
Operating temperature +5 C to +40 C
Humidity(relative) 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Weight Main Unit
  • max.  17 Kg
Control Panel
  • max.  34 Kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) Main Unit
  • 484mm x 400mm x 320mm
Control Panel
  • 915mm x 273mm x 600mm
Television standard 625/50
Digital video paths 10-bit resolution
Internal processing 4:2:2:4 , 20-bit
Sampling rate Y: 13.5 MHz, R-Y/B-Y: 6.75 MHz
Quantization 12-bit
Frequency response 0 to 5 MHz      +0.2 dB/-0,2 dB
S/N More than 54 dB (composite)
More than 60 dB (component, S-Video)

GVM2425 allows to choose the configuration (number and type of production switchers input/output modules) that precisely suits customer needs without wasting money . Modular architecture with distributed processing is provided to guarantee survivability of the system.

All input modules are interchangeable with each other, the same is provided for the output modules. Failure of any module only leads to loss of function or a certain lack of comfort. Damage of any input/output module will not cause the failure of the whole system.

Input Modules

Both analog (PAL/YC/YUV) signal modules and digital signal (SDI) modules can be used.

EXTERNAL KEY Input Modules

Both the module for 2 analog and the module for 2 digital input signals is appropriate.

Digital processing module

Digital processing module with output connectors: MAIN program and preview outputs, M/E1 program and preview outputs, M/E2 program and preview outputs, AUDIO output for CLIP1, CLIP2 and SUPER WIPE sound

Output Modules

You can use various type of modules (OUT008xx) for Program, Preview, Auxiliary outputs:

AUX Output Modules

There can be installed 6 modules for Auxiliary outputs. Each module contains outputs for two Auxiliary channels. Depending on installed module, each auxiliary channel can have various combinations of outputs:

  • 1 output for SDI and 1 output for PAL signal;
  • 2 outputs for SDI signal;
  • 2 outputs for PAL signal.

You can use three types of modules for Auxiliary outputs:

GVM 2425 Production switcher allows connect additional optional devices to the system for the functionality extension

Tally Extension Unit

The main Tally output channel, which indicates the sources presented in the image of the program output is included in the Main Unit of GVM2425.

Tally extension unit allows form additional two assignable signalization channels Tally1 and Tally2, which indicate the sources presented on the one of the outputs:

  • program output;
  • previewoutput ;
  • outputs of M/E channels;
  • auxiliary outputs AUX1-AUX12

GMPBC Control Panel

Optional control panel GMPBC is intended for using it as a remote control panel. It can control all those channels which are controlled by the multipurpose bus section or one of the auxiliary output.

M/E Control Panel

Optional M/E control panel is intended for using it as a remote control panel of M/E channel. In the system there can be connected the only one optional M/E control panel. It can control the M/E1 channel or the M/E2 channel.


Optional PRESET/PROGRAM control panel is intended for using it as a remote control panel of PRESET/PROGRAM channel and DSK1, DSK2 functions.