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BrightEye 90 HD Up/Down Cross Converter and ARC with AES Audio

BrightEye 90 HD Up/Down Cross Converte r and ARC with AES Audio

  • Use with Cameras and Projection Systems
  • HD and SD Digital and Analog Composite Video I/O
  • Mirror Output Mode for On-Camera Talent
  • Frame Sync
  • Passes Embedded Audio
  • Turn Analog Camera into Digital HD Source
  • AES Digital Audio I/O
  • Analog Audio Monitor Output
  • Graticule and Safe Title Generator
  • HDMI Output for Monitoring
  • 12 and 16 Bit Processing

Convert HDMI to HD or SD SDI with the BrightEye 83-F. Convenient for broadcast video cameras and other sources with an HDMI output. BrightEye 83-F presents both electrical and optical serial digital outputs.

The optical output can drive single mode fiber to a distance of 20 kilometers. With an optical launch power attenuator, multi-mode fiber can also be used.

BrightEye 83-F is for use with standard definition video signals and 3 Gb/s and 1.5 Gb/s high definition signals.

Signal monitoring and control is provided through the included BrightEye Mac and BrightEye PC software.

In compliance with the licensing restrictions on HDCP encrypted material, BrightEye 83-F cannot convert encrypted signals to SDI form.

Easy To Use

BrightEye 90 is a versatile up/down/cross converter or aspect ratio converter for use with analog and digital video signals. Simply set the BrightEye 90 to output your facility's preferred HD or SD standard. The BrightEye 90 will accommodate whatever input you connect – analog composite, SD SDI or HD SDI. After setting the output standard, BrightEye 90 automatically converts the selected input to the correct standard for your facility. BrightEye 90 will upconvert, downconvert, cross convert, or act as an ARC, as needed. The built-in Frame Synchronizer allows you to feed asynchronous signals to the BrightEye 90. An external reference input allows genlock to a house reference. All vertical interval data and closed captioning is faithfully passed.

Upconverting to High Definition

Feed the analog composite or SD SDI output of a camera to a BrightEye 90 and upconvert to HD. You can take the HD signal from the BrightEye 90 into a switcher or projection system. Upconverting existing SD equipment lets you leverage the equipment you already have and operate in the HD domain.

While some cameras may have firewire out, using the video output and upconverting before distribution is preferable since longer cable runs can be achieved and quality is superior. Additionally, the BrightEye 90's reference input allows you to time the upconverted video output for use with a production switcher.

Downconverting to Standard Definition

BrightEye 90 will downconvert any type of HD signal and provides both an SD SDI and an analog composite output suitable for broadcast or monitoring.

Cross Conversion

It's easy to convert between various HD standards, whether 720p or 1080i. Simply select the output standard you need and connect the input, that's all there is to it.

Aspect Ratio Conversion

For converting between SD 4:3 and HD 16:9, BrightEye 90 has you covered. Just select the output standard you need and connect the input.

Audio Processing Made Simple

BrightEye 90 handles both embedded audio and discreet AES digital audio streams. Sixteen channels of embedded audio are supported in BrightEye 90. If the incoming video has embedded audio, the audio will be safely bypassed around the video processing and lipsync will be preserved. Audio mixing is available for two of the four embedded groups of audio. The AES I/O ports can be configured for eight channels of incoming audio or for eight channels of audio output. The audio mixer can be used for AES channels as well. Mixer controls are accessed through BrightEye Mac or PC software.

Monitoring for Video and Audio

Audio monitoring is easy with BrightEye 90's convenient 3.5mm mini jack. Select the audio channels you want to monitor from the front panel and plug in a headset.

The HDMI connector on the rear of the unit provides a future proof monitoring interface. Plug it into most LCD monitors for confidence monitoring of your feed.

Front Panel and Software Control

Input selection, gain control, and test pattern controls are provided through the front panel interface. Audio presence LEDs indicate which channels are detected. Controls for crop, letterbox and pillarbox are accessed from the front panel or BrightEye Mac or PC software. Video and audio levels and the audio mixer can be adjusted through BrightEye Mac or PC software.