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BrightEye 11-HD HD/SD SDI to Analog Converter

BrightEye 11-HD HD/SD SDI to Analog Converter

  • Use with Monitors, VTRs and Projectors
  • Analog Composite Output
  • Component, S-Video Output
  • HD/SD SDI Input
  • 12 Bit

BrightEye 11-HD provides HD or SD digital to analog video conversion with the full range of analog output formats available for HD and SD. When an HD input is present HD RGB or YPrPb are output. When an SD input is present Beta, SMPTE, RGB or composite with simultaneous Y/C is output.

12 bit processing and conversion at 8 x oversampling mean the best looking images possible.

Output format and gain are controlled from the front panel. A status display indicates input presence. Video levels can be adjusted through BrightEye Mac or PC software.