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Bluefish444 Workflows Digital Intermediate

Bluefish444 Workflows Digital Intermediate

Bluefish444 is synonymous with Digital Intermediate SDI I/O workflows. Bluefish444 was an early adopter of RGB 12/10-bit workflows for telecine and film transfer with Bluefish444’s Symmetry software. Bluefish444 video cards are the highest quality RGB/YUV SDI card for single or multi-channel capture and playback from many Digital Intermediate software platforms.

Bluefish444 hardware is compatible with the following digital intermediate software. Click on a graphic to learn more about Bluefish444 integration:

Bluefish444 has direct OEM integration with:

Bluefish444 have developed a unified cross-platform Software Development Kit designed by software developers, for software developers, who wish to integrate Bluefish444 video products into their own solutions. The BlueVelvetC API enables programmers to write the Bluefish444 SDK code once and then deploy to other operating systems without any changes to their code.

The Bluefish444 SDK provides a simple, consistent and extensible interface to all Bluefish444 hardware products. It provides a number of useful abstractions and interfaces designed to relieve the developer of direct hardware involvement, freeing them to concentrate on developing.

Additional interfaces are available to help accelerate development providing accessible interfaces such as:

  • DirectShow
  • V4L2
  • NVIDIA GPUDirect
  • AMD DirectGMA for video

If you would like access to the Bluefish444 SDK, please fill out our Developer Registration Form, and a representative of Bluefish444 will review your application and supply you with login details. You can then download the SDK on our Downloads page.