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Atomos Shogun Studio

Atomos Shogun Studio

World's First All in One 4K / HD, 2CH, Dual 7" 3RU Rack Recorder, Monitor and PlayBack Deck.


Harnessing the latest recorder, monitor and playback technology with class leading Atomos usability and affordability, the Shogun Studio has everything needed for Live Event, Studio, On-set and Broadcast professionals.

  • 4K, 1080p60 recording to popular professional codecs.
  • Utilize the 2 channels for dual codec, dual resolution recording.
  • Scheduled playback and record via Ethernet, Serial & on-screen.
  • Class leading monitors & test measurement for perfect 4K viewing & set up on build in HD monitors.
  • Powerful & intuitive AtomOS offers one touch simplicity for any operator.
  • Utilize the Atomos Master Caddy for reliable, affordable open standard media.
  • Continuous build in HDMI and SDI convertor with down scaling for 4K to 2K/HD match you infrastructure.
  • Dual IEC c14 PSUs to integrate with your rack power distribution system.